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Week Eight

Discovering your Destiny

-Your Destiny is your responsibility

-Your Desires will reveal your Destiny

-Spirit Animals

-Forever Homework

I am destined for great things.


Spirit Animals 

Forever Homework

Ancestral Work

Your Ancestral Work is to do a Medicine Walk of your own. Below you will find a link that describes Medicine Walks in more detail.

There is also a bonus Moon Gazing Spell that you can try to help deepen your relationship with the Moon.

Both of these spells will help you gain clarity and certainty about the path your are destined to follow.

How The raven Stole the Sun

We come from the stars


To consider:

What do you truly Desire?

When you put pen to paper to write your desires, which objections come up?


What beliefs if any sneak into your awareness and try to unseat those desires?

Those sneaky objections are your work.

Dismantling them and dismissing them is your work.


THOSE are your limiting beliefs my love.

Healing the Earth

Recording from Week Eight

Its time to Unlock Your Potential

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