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an 8 week course

For individuals who are ready to heal.


We all came from somewhere.
We were all indigenous to some place.
We all had our own Ancestral languages and ways of knowing. We honoured our own unique rituals and beliefs. We knew the omens, we spoke to the land and it spoke back.    

We have lost this language. We have forgotten how to see with our eyes closed. We have forgotten how to speak  without words. We don't remember how to listen with our hearts. How to honour with our words and actions.

We've been disconnected from  the truth of who we are and the potential of who we can be.

We fumble around trying to be in healthy relationship while we neglect the most important relationships of all. The ones with the Earth, the Ancestors and with our own hearts.

It is time that we remember, that we reconnect and that we reclaim our connection. 

Learning how to cultivate healthy relationships with our Ancestors is one of the greatest ways to heal the disconnection that the majority of people feel in this modern world..

In this course, you will gain insight and instruction on how to best engage and interact with some of our most loving and supportive allies in safe and surprisingly simple ways.

This is Sacred work that uses Storytelling, Ritual and Guided Visualization as a tool for facilitating Deep Healing and Connection with yourself and the Ancestral World around you.

This course is run once a year in late Spring.


what our students
are saying..

I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to take Ancestral Reconnection. I always wanted to connect with my ancestors, however I didn’t know how, and Chelsea was (and is) the perfect guide to have walked me along that path. When it comes to tapping into the spiritual realm, she helped me reconnect in ways that my soul was called to but didn’t know how to access before. I will never see the trees, water, the earth, wind, or fog the same again - she even helped me see the beauty in spiders. Through Chelsea’s teaching, I learned how to befriend all that is nature, and I feel blessed to have been gifted this knowledge, and have already begun teaching these learnings to my daughter. 


It’s a privilege that Chelsea is willing to share and teach about Ancestral knowledge as she cherishes this realm. 

She teaches with the utmost passion.

It was everything I had hoped and more. I’ve learned so much. After putting it in practice I am not the same person I was when I started this course. You look at the world through different lenses. 

Thank you so much ♥️


Ancestral Reconnection is a magical gift that everyone needs in their life. It is one of my favourite courses that Chelsea offers. It has forever changed the way in which I look at and appreciate nature and our deep connection with the earth. On a recent trip to the Caribbean, I connected with the ocean like I never had before because of this course. It has also taught me that we are always supported by our ancestors, we never need to feel alone again. There is so much wisdom. So many good lessons. Ancestral start up will forever change your life.

What amazing classes with you! I feel such satisfaction of the knowledge and practices I received and in turn with our Ancestors, the elements and myself! My mind is blown on how everything is aligning and manifesting in my life.

Its been life changing and filled with magic

Thank you!💃💫🌿🥰🙏


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Advanced Ancestral


Power Places and Sacred Spaces is for Wisdom Keeperes and Teachers who want to Heal the Earth while learning the art of Alter making.


By the end of this course, you and your Heart will become the most powerful Alter of all. 

This is a course for people who have an existing Ancestral Practice and/or have experience working with Energy.

You must be willing to sing, or drum or dance... for the Trees, the Sun, the Wind, the Rain, the Lake, the Past, Present and Future.

You must be willing to do all the weird shit.

This course is run once a year every Winter.

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