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How this works:

This workshop works best when done in person but if for whatever reason that is not possible, we wanted to offer you a virtual experience.

Attached you will find videos that will hopefully entice you to jump into cold water with us on Sunday at 11:30am.

You can join us on Zoom (link sent in the email) and we will set up a camera so that should you want to, you can jump in with us at the same time to take advantage of the collective cleansing energy.


A note about intention

Everything is energy which means every action we take, every practice we participate in, every thought we think is nothing more than the energy we put behind it.

Keep this in mind.

There is really no right or wrong way to do any of the things we are inviting you to try.

All the really matters is that you show up for yourself with loving sincere intention.

We are the alchemists of our own bodies   -Wim Hof


You will find a video prepared from each one of our experts.


Chelsea will explain the powerful Ancestral Energy that you can invite if you would like to turn your Cold Water Dip into a Ritual Cleanse.  

You can then watch our Cold Water Coach; Kailin explaining why and how she uses Cold Water as a tool for healing. And a few of her tips and tricks for preparing and enduring the cold water.

You are also welcome to try Danielle's embodiment practice which is intended to help you open your heart and move emotional Energy out of your body. Its best to do some movement before just to get your heart rate up.


And finally Kailin will lead us all through the actual dip.

You can either wait and login to our zoom call and go into the water at the same time as us or if you're in a zone you can just do it at a time that is best for you. Below, you will find a few links to some good background music if you're looking for a mood.

the Ancestral Energy of water with Chelsea

an invitation to ritualize your cold water dip

Cold water Dipping with Kailin

an invitation to get into the water

Embodiment practice with Danielle

Pre-dip movement practice

Additional Wim Hof Guided Breathing exercises for beginners


"Becoming the Ice Man was never the goal, I was simply using the cold as a discipline to get a hold of my agony." 

-Wim Hof

Thank you so much for joining us. We hope that we've given you a new perspective and a new opportunity to heal yourself and lay witness to your inherent power.

We would love to hear your feedback and would love to see your dips.

If you do share, feel free to tag us

And if you have any questions feel free to contact any of our Experts directly through their social links.

Its time to Unlock Your Potential

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