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Our Community Projects

Better together

Our philosophy is simple. 

When you feel supported, you can do anything.

Have a look below at some of the initiatives we are taking towards building a heart-centred community


The Village

A weekly meetup for anybody interested in growing grassroots community. We visit farms and forests and introduce our children to their wild nature while rediscovering our own.

The Honour Garden

This spring we will plant our very first Honour Garden just south of Montreal. This is a sacred community reserved for Mothers and Women of the Earth who are passionate about bringing Honour back to Motherhood.

Hands Holding Beads

Women's Circle

A Monthly Prayer meet-up for people of all backgrounds and beliefs systems. This is an inclusive space for people to gather together with the intention to open their hearts in devotion.

The Club

An accountability cub for individuals who are digging into the restructuring of their Subconscious mind. Twice monthly meetup to expand and reprogram our minds to work for us instead of against us.

Enrolment for this is open once a year in December.

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