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  1. the ability to do something that frightens one.

    • strength in the face of pain or grief.

Courage in the traditional sense is an override.

It is a denial of the fears, anxieties, doubts and insecurities.

It is a 'feeling the fear' and doing it anyway.

It is using sheer force to push yourself to do something.

Courage in the traditional sense is


Courage at the Energy School is the complete opposite of Resistance.

In Courage Camp, you don't need force or denial to do the things you truly want to do in your life, what you actually need is Alignment.

Only from an Aligned place can you come to a place of sincere and authentic confidence and belief in yourself. And when you've got this, you don't need anything else.


What is Courage Camp?

Courage Camp was originally an intensive 2 week camp designed to teach you how to dismantle the deep rooted limiting beliefs that were behind all the fears, anxiety and doubt that keep us stuck and unfulfilled. 
It has now evolved to be an ongoing enquiry designed to give you the tools to face and rewrite all limiting beliefs in a way that they are perfectly aligned to support your deepest more biggest desires.


In this 4 part lecture series you will be guided through a process that will help you reveal and re-write the root beliefs that are keeping you stuck.
Once you have done that you will begin the Desire work. Here you will be taught the importance of defining and refining your Desires.


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Unlike any other course we offer, once completed Courage Camp allows you access to The Club.

Consistency and Accountability are two of the biggest challenges when re-writing your beliefs so we created The Club as a sort of Accountability space where all Courage Camp alumni can meet to workshop, discuss and continue the work together in a safe and supportive group coaching container.

The Club meets twice a month every second Sunday evening

Whats included?

4 part Lecture Series where we dive deeply into Desire & Belief work and the importance of Achieving alignment so that our Beliefs can support our Desires.

poweful Writing Exercises to help you access your subconscious operating system
      - 1 to help reveal Desires
      - 1 to help reveal your unique Limiting Beliefs
      - 1 to help 
refine the quality and essence of your Desires
      - 1 to use to re-write any story or experience in your pa

Additional lectures ( Destiny )

A Guided Hypnosis

Access to one year of group coaching in The Club


My name is Chelsea and I'll be your teacher!

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I'm beyond excited to help you
get your beliefs aligned with your desires.

I've learnt the hard way how heavy a price
it can be to live out of alignment filled
with anxiety, irritation and frustration

I am here to make sure nobody has to
do that if they don't want to

Lets f'ing go.


I came across Chelsea last year as I was looking for someone who resonated with what I was feeling and where I was on my journey.

When she launched her Spiritual Startup course I hesitated to join as I was worried it would be another course that made me feel I wasn't doing/being enough. I'm glad I ignored my ego and trusted my gut and joined anyways. What I learned about grounding alone was more then worth it.

For me it wasn't about what she taught but how she taught it. The only expectation was to try, give it a shot, keep what worked and resonated and release the rest. There was no pressure, no judegement no requirements to do things x number of times and everything was introduced in a way to fit into my current life and not trying to make my life fit into new learnings.

Regardless if you're just starting your self discovery/spiritual journey or further along with it I can't recommend this course enough. I look forward to taking it again!


- Leslie

 Montreal Qc

The course that I took with Chelsea changed my life. I’ve always wanted to learn more about spirituality and what little things I could do in my every day life that could make it more fulfilling. Chelsea’s course is great for beginners or even people who are on the path but are looking to learn more. I am so grateful to have taken this course, it’s one of the best decisions I’ve made!

- Lindsey
Montreal Qc

Spiritual Start up is a class that absolutely everyone would benefit from. And something that everyone should be learning in school. It helped me concretize my spiritual practice and reminded me how important connecting with Mother Earth helps me connect with myself. Every week I learned not only a new exercise, one I will be able to use forever, but I got to deepen my intuitive feel to everything that is living around me.
I highly recommend .


- Katarina 
Montreal Qc

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