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Montreal Lighthouse

Illuminating Potential

Upgrade Your Energy

Everything is Energy which is why having a basic understanding of the Universal Laws of Energy is a fundamental piece of the puzzle whenever we want to change or Upgrade any area of our life.

Upgrades are short (15-30min) intensive trainings for anybody who is ready and willing to take advantage of all the Energetic potential inside of you.

Energetic Upgrades

We are all Energy and yet very few people are aware of how Energy works or how to actually optimize its potential.

With a few simple principles you can begin to shift everything in your life.

All it takes is a willingness to learn and put into practice these Universal Laws of Energy.


Fundamentals of Energetics 3 part Upgrade.png
Your Energetic Audit.png

Consider giving your whole team the advantage.
Ask us about team prices and private trainings. 

For team pricing or to schedule an Upgrade, contact us

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There is a hyper fixation in our culture upon all things physical with very little emphasis placed upon the unseen Energies that actually rule our world.

Our Experts seek to remedy this cultural blindspot by introducing you the many worlds and realities beyond the physical.
These are the courses you wish you would have taken in traditional schools and the Universal knowledge you wish you would have inherited.

These are the missing pieces you've been searching for, the ones that will help you unlock the potential you always knew existed.

Welcome to The Lighthouse

Hi there,

My name is Chelsea and I am the founder of Montreal Lighthouse.
I am so glad you are here.

Before you go,
Do yourself a favour and
join me for a quick
2 minute meditation
to find some calm.

May your day be blessed, your work be inspired, your impact be vast and your heart be full.


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