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Executive Coaching
Full Spectrum Life Transformation

Release, Re-connect & Re-program.  Body, Mind, Heart & Soul

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We know that integration and consistency across all areas of life is essential for
sustained success.
This is why the personalized restructuring plan that we create for you will include daily invitations and check-ins that support the transformation your
Body, Mind, Heart & Soul.

Reformer Pilates

For your Body

Lifestyle Reset (nutrition, breath & sleep)
Movement & Pilates
Massage Therapy

Reiki & Energy Work
Grounding Practice


For your Mind

Mindset Reset
Mental Mastery

Subconscious Reprogramming
Limiting Belief Work
Personality Refinement

Tall Mountain

For your Heart & Soul

Spiritual Counselling
Desire Work
Heart Centred Living

Love & Relationship Rescue
Universal Law of Attraction
Reality Refinement

This is a Full Spectrum
Life Transformation

Welcome to your Life Transformation.


Are you ready to embark on a journey of profound change and personal growth? Our full spectrum program is designed to guide you through a holistic transformation across all areas of your life. 

Mindset Mastery

Cultivate a positive mindset, conquer limiting beliefs, and learn powerful techniques for managing stress and anxiety. Lay the foundation for a resilient mental state that empowers you to face challenges head-on.


Physical Vitality

Revamp your health and fitness with personalized workout plans and nutrition guidance. Discover the joy of an active lifestyle and nourish your body for optimal performance.


Emotional Wellness

Delve into emotional intelligence, develop healthier relationships, and enhance your self-awareness. Learn to navigate your emotions effectively and create meaningful connected relationships built upon strong foundations of Love, Honour & Trust.


Career. Spirituality and Fulfillment

Uncover your passions, strengths, and deep desires. Craft a strategic plan to achieve your goals while maintaining a work-life balance that brings you fulfillment.

What to expect:


  • Initial Physical, Mental, Emotional, Spiritual & Energetic assessment

  • Personalized Life Restructuring Plan

  • Daily Check-ins

  • Weekly Coaching

  • Weekly Spiritual Counselling

  • Weekly Mindfulness Practice

  • Belief System Upgrades

  • Intuitive Massage Therapy

  • Energy Healing Sessions

  • Stott Pilates

  • Music Therapy ( Subconscious Reprogramming)

  • All Encompassing Personalized Song To Solidify Your Transformation *

  • Access To Pre-Recorded Courses *

    * Limited to 12 week packages



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Meet Your Expert Life Consultants

One of the incredible perks of this program is that you have access to a team of Expert Life Consultants who work with you to define, design and successfully execute a personalized Transformation Plan for you.

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For any questions or to book a free Discovery Call

Text or Call

Kyle @ 438-889-5953
Chelsea @ 514-796-2819


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