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Healing is the end of conflict with yourself
and the world around you

4 categories of mentorship


Heal your Past, Present &
Future by re-programming
your beliefs



Learn how to use your Energy & Manifest with intention 



Discover and develop a life changing relationship with the Ancestors.


Reconnect with your Inner
Guidance system and
live with certainty


Finding a mentor is one of the greatest gifts you will ever give yourself and I say this because I, myself, have had, still have and will continue to have mentors for the rest of my life. 

This is because working with somebody 1-on-1 who is specialized in the area of life that you are working to improve is the fastest way to break through blocks and collapse timelines. There is no substitute for the perspective of somebody who has already navigated the waters you're treading through.

Unlike coaching (where the focus is the immediate issues you are facing), Mentorship is a commitment to learning and weaving into your reality a deeper level of wisdom and connectedness.

Similar to coaching, there is a commitment required but Mentorships have no urgency for completion and they can last anywhere from a couple months to a couple of years.

With Mentorships, it is recommended that you choose a category of focus and from there, our work together can evolve and often before we are done most categories have been touched upon and all areas of your life are transformed.

All things are one thing and with Mentorships we just have
a specific route for ending the inner conflict and for 
reconnecting with yourself.


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