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Honour Work

What is Honour?

What does it mean to work with Honour?

What does it mean to live an Honourable life?

Most can arrive at answers for these questions eventually. The truth is that the majority of people these days do not actually practice Honour as a regular part of their relationships leaving many people feeling alone and unseen even in their most intimate and close relationships... even with the people they love the most


And not for lack of Love.


But for lack of understanding.


We are all lovable and worthy and deserving of happiness, connection and fulfilment in all areas of our life but especially in our famlies and partnerships.


Bringing Honour back into our homes, into our hearts, into our relationships is the key to bringing respect and love back into our communication, our interactions and our everyday experiences.


Honour work is a 4 part process that is ideally done in person but that can facilitated online if needed.

Interrupt Generational Trauma

When we find peace with and honour in the actions of our own families we are able to interrupt the perpetuation of harm that is often inherited and unconsciously passed through our Ancestral lines


Rescue Relationships

All people want to feel seen, loved and appreciated. When this is missing relationships collapse. Honour work creates the space to cultivate true connectedness and unconditional love between people.


Heal & Release Deep Guilt and Shame

Learning to Honour yourself is the first step towards forgiveness, grace and release of guilt and shame.


Transmute anger, resentment and judgment into respect, understand and love

When you begin to see through the lens of Honour, everything you once judged or made assumptions about seems to fall away leaving nothing but empathy and compassion for those you once held the most resentment towards.

Book a session

Sessions are 90 mins each
(4 in total to complete the work)

$150 each session. Can be done weekly or monthly.
Sessions are only offered in person 

In Senneville Qc

Please Text for more information or to book

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