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Save $100 with Early bird Enrolment when you register before July 21st 


Included in this course:
- Powerful Weekly Calls 
- Energetic Exercises for you to do individually or as a couple
- Strategies, practices & invitations to help you deepen connection, trust & intimacy
- 4 Love Rituals to last a lifetime together
- Optional Heart Opening Plant Medicine Journey
- Discounted Rate for  Couples Coaching
- Priority booking for couples retreat (Jamaica 2024)



How often do we meet?

There is 1 x 75 min call a week for 4 weeks.


When does it begin?

The first call is Wednesday Aug 2nd at 9pm


How Much is it?
$375 but if you enrol before July 21st, you will receive -$100 discount


Can I join a single call?


Yes! The cost is $95 paid 24 hours in advance


Payments are to be made by etransfer or cash.

I'd like to pay by credit, is that possible?


Yes, we can send you a payment link for that.

I am single, can I still attend?

If you are single and simply interested in creating a conscious and connected relationship in the future,, you are absolutely welcome and will find great value in learning these things before choosing your partner.


What about same sex partnerships?

You are absolutely welcome and your relationships would definitely benefit. Love is Love. 
Please keep in mind that we will be using stereotypically prescribed gender norms and language.

If I cannot attend live calls, will there be recordings?

Recordings will be made available in the coaching portal.

This course is designed to radically transform you.

From a place of Honour,
you will learn how to give and receive Love unconditionally.
Deepening your connection, trust and gratitude for one another.
From here you can consciously create and build a supportive, safe relationship.


To join us,
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What our students are saying...

Working with Chelsea for over a year now and it’s been a life changer for me. From online courses, to group classes, to life coaching. I am defiantly not the same person I was a year ago. 

I’ve learned in our Life Coaching what technics to use for different events and feelings in my daily life. Pass and current situation.

In classes she interacts with her students and teaches at the same time. It’s always something I look forward to, and end up wanting even more!

She’s an incredible human and she’s amazing teacher. She takes pride in her work and has lots to offer to this world. 

A big thank you Chelsea 🫶🏼



It’s a privilege that Chelsea is willing to share and teach.

She teaches with the utmost passion.

It was everything at had hope and more. I’ve learned so much. After putting it in practice I am not the same person I was when I started this course. You look at the world through different lenses. 

Thank you so much ♥️


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