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  1. a feeling of great pleasure and happiness.

Discover the ways you unintentionally sabotage your Joy every day.

Thief #1

Things To observe

-> The things you usually complain about

-> The energy behind those things


-> The people/places/situations that usually trigger complaining topics of conversations

-> The words you use & how you can reframe

Your imagination is a powerful too.

Thief #2

Things To observe

-> The emotional states you visit when you worry

-> The actual outcome you would like to attract


-> The emotional state of that outcome

-> The other emotions that worrying illicit.

Affirm your Joy

The biggest Thief of all

Things To observe

-> The affirmations you make every day

-> The feeling of the words you use to describe things in your every day


-> The way others answer the "how are you question"

My name is Chelsea!


And I am the Founder of The Energy School, a Virtual School of Energetic Expansion!

I have been working with Intuition and Energy for 10 years and have been teaching it for the last 5.

This course was born one day as I walked the woods thinking about how our Joy is something we are never taught about.

We're never taught how to develop and nurture it, we're never taught how to keep an eye out for everything that threatens it but most of all, we are completely unaware that without it, we will never be able to manifest all the things we deeply desire.

Which is why I've put together this Mini Course just for you!

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